Because of the internet, consumers around the world have an incredible advantage when hiring service professionals. Instant online access gives exposure to more companies and leaves previous business directories like the Yellow Pages, in the dust. However, with access to more businesses and service providers, it is more crucial than ever to conduct thorough research into who you are hiring. This especially applies to roofing contractors as there are several key factors that separate quality professionals from the rest. Here is what you need to know if you are hiring a commercial roofing contractor.

Confirm Their Insurance Coverage

Verifying the insurance coverage of a prospective contractor is vital for several different reasons. Many contractors provide a policy when in fact it has been canceled. The best way to confirm their policy is to call the insurance company listed on the policy and request that a certificate of insurance is endorsed to you.

In addition to verifying their general liability insurance, there are other coverages that quality contractors should have. The types and proper levels of coverage are listed below:

1 Million – General Liability

1 Million – Commercial Auto

1 Million – Workers Compensation

1 Million – Umbrella Coverage.

Often times a contractor will show a $1million certificate of insurance and only have general liability. We believe that this coverage alone is insufficient to properly protect the customer from all liability. Before hiring anyone to work on your home, it is critical to confirm that their insurance coverage is adequate enough to protect you from any liability.

Proven Knowledge & Experience

There are numerous types of services in the commercial roofing industry. Just because a contractor accepts a project does not mean that they are an expert at the specific service or roofing system. Before committing to a contractor, you should request to view their portfolio of other similar projects and corresponding references. A qualified contractor will be able to supply you with sufficient examples of previous work without hesitation.

Certified Installers

As the commercial industry has grown, a significant number of roofing material manufacturers have emerged as a result. This emergence has created an issue regarding product quality. An easy way to determine if your potential contractor is using high-quality materials is to find out if they are certified by the manufacturer. High-end manufacturers stand by their products with strong warranties as well offer certifications to the elite users of their brand. Parsons Roofing is certified by Gaco Western, Versico Roofing Systems, Genflex Roofing, and Tropical Roofing Products.

Cut Out The Middle Man

Before signing any type of engagement with a contractor, it is important to verify if they will be subcontracting the work. This relates back to knowledge and experience. Many unqualified contractors will subcontract the work to a third party because of their inability to properly complete the project. This outsourcing results in a greater cost to the customer, who is typically unknowing of the deal in the first place. We know this because many of them call us to do their coating work!

Supplier Relationships

Contractors deal with suppliers and manufacturers on a frequent basis. Determining the status of relationships that the contractor has with their suppliers is a great insight into the overall quality of the company. Ask your contractor who they receive their materials from. If you are comfortable in doing so, contact that supplier directly to inquire about their relationship with the specific contractor. Doing so can provide an honest evaluation of the party that you plan to do business with.

Check Online Reviews, Ratings, and Scoring with the BBB.

Spend time researching reviews that previous customers have left. Checking the Better Business Bureau is an effective way to find legitimate reviews. These resources will provide insight into past complaints and how the company has interacted with previous patrons.

Choose Your Team

Choosing the right contractor for a job is the difference between a positive and negative experience. When undergoing a project as arduous as commercial roof repairs it is important to take the time to weigh your options. These tools will help position you to make the most educated decision on hiring a quality roofing contractor and achieve successful results the first time around.