A Trusted Atlanta-Based Commercial Roofing Company

Parsons Roofing is a commercial and residential roofing contractor serving North Georgia. Our experienced management team and seasoned field technicians consistently deliver effective roofing solutions on time and on budget.  Too often property owners are forced to make maintenance decisions with incomplete information. This leads to a loss of time and resources without a resolution for the problem. Our primary goal is to provide accurate information in a concise format so the customer can make an informed decision.  ​;We operate with a consultant based approach on every project. As a customer,​ you can expect both prompt service and a comprehensive roof evaluation.

What to Expect

Prompt Service

We are equipped to provide 24 hour response service for emergency leak calls. For non-emergency inspections,​ our goal is to accomplish​ the on-site inspection within 2 to 3 business days and provide a comprehensive roof evaluation with available options no later than 7 business days of the customer making contact.

On-Site Inspection

It is helpful for our technician to meet the building owner or representative on site at the time of our inspection but it is not required. Our technician will collect the concrete facts and evidence that will allow the property owner to make an informed decision. He will  ​;investigate all leaks and known issues as well as document all aspects of the field, terminations and flashings.

Comprehensive Roof Evaluation

The roof evaluation report provides an accurate documentation of the condition of your roof in a concise format. It is your tool to gain a full understanding of the elements in the roofing system. A generous amount of photos capturing the overview, details and defects will be provided. Various captions will explain what the photos are illustrating.

Available Options

There is an important balance among capital improvements and budget considerations. An unexpected capital expenditure can decimate a maintenance budget. Building owners have an obligation to protect the property in a fiscally responsible manner. Our roofing consultants understand the realities of property management. Appropriate interventions we may recommend include: preventative maintenance, precise repair work, roof restoration utilizing silicone coatings, recovers and replacements.