Like any physical property, over time roofing degrades as the result of normal wear and tear. Sometimes issues can be corrected with repairs, and sometimes roof-life can be extended through a roof coating application. There are cases, however, when a roof needs to be replaced. Parsons Roofing Company is experienced in total roof replacement for commercial properties, and we have nearly one hundred years of experience in roof assessment to help us determine the best course of action for each individual project.

Our Process

Before a replacement job begins, we take the time to meet with clients to explain the different roofing products we offer for replacement. We are certified in the application and installation of a variety of roofing product lines, and we take the time to explain the benefits and best uses of each product to our roof replacement clients. We can help you to select the best product line for your particular needs, in order to ensure that you make the smartest investment with regard to your replacement roof.

Free Estimates

Estimates from Parsons are accurate and competitive, offering affordable solutions to roofing replacement needs. We are confident in our work because we use the highest-quality products for all of our replacement jobs, which guarantees that roofing replacements we execute are long-lasting and cost effective.

From the initial assessment and estimate to the finishing touches of the replacement, our team will work closely with you to provide excellent service, superior workmanship, and reliable roofing materials at competitive, honest prices.