Assi Plaza

Tropical 924 Silicone Coating System with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

T.E. Certified

Gaco S-2000 Silicone Coating System with 10yr manufacturer’s warranty

LaFrance Townhomes

The builder has a very high standard for their building specifications. A Versico 60mil TPO roofing system was selected to provide a long term solution for future homeowners.

Jim Ellis

Versico 60mil TPO membrane installation

Family Dollar

A new 60 mil TPO roofing system was installed with a 10 year warranty.

M789 Apartments

Gaco S-2000 Silicone coating was applied over the existing TPO roof.

CMC Rebar

Gaco S-2000 Silicone Coating system with 10 yr warranty