Best Roof Repair Tips

Best Roof Repair Tips

April 9, 2020

Best Roof Repair Tips and Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

Have you noticed damage or debris on your commercial roof? Is water backing up in your gutters? Or have you started to see those telltale signs of a leak in the ceiling?

If the answer is yes, then the time has come to decide about repairing or replacing your roof. Before you jump into a costly decision to opt for replacement, understand that, depending on a few factors, a well-done professional repair can extend the life of your roof.

Assess the Age of the Commercial Roof

In deciding whether a repair is the best option, assess the age of your roof. Most roofs last about 15-20 years. Some can last more, depending on the type of materials from which they are constructed. If you are looking at a costly repair on a roof that is already close to the end of its lifespan, then replacement might be the better option.

Even older roofs, of course, can remain in good condition, mainly if they’ve been routinely inspected and well-maintained. The second thing you should do is ask a professional to inspect your roof for wear. A commercial roof maintenance plan might be an excellent option to stay on top of this.

If a roof is in generally good condition, then a repair might add extra years to its useful lifespan. Finally, you should weigh the cost against the impact of the repair. A major might not be worth it if the roof is near the end of its usable life.

The Nature of The Best Roof Repairs

So, you’ve decided that a repair is your best option. Before you call a roofing professional (and you should call a professional, (since DIY roof fixes often end in more work later), it’s essential to understand the nature of roof repairs.

Commercial Roofing is not always an exact science, and a small water spot on a ceiling doesn’t necessarily equate to an easy repair above. Roofing systems are comprised of layers, and water can seep under one layer, travel along a sublayer, and find a way into the building far from the initial leak. Furthermore, water can enter the structure of the building and then travel alongside decking, pipes, rafters, and studs.

Call Professional Commercial Roofing Repair Technicians

Professional Commercial Roofing Companies have the years of experience necessary to know how to trace leaks to their sources. However, this is not always an easy process and may need a trial-and-error approach.

Reputable commercial roofing contractors will return when roof repairs don’t work the first time and expand the area of possible causes until the job is completed correctly.

Parsons Roofing Company utilizes infrared thermography to help pinpoint leaks and moisture on roofs.

Some commercial roofs are difficult to check for leaks because of the material from which they are constructed. Tar and gravel roofs, for example, are constructed from layers of tar on which gravel is laid in the final coat.

Failures occur in the layers of tar and felt that are not visible below the gravel. Roofing contractors often must take a shotgun approach to repair by patching large areas that look worn and might indicate a leak.

Other Sources of Commercial Roof Leaks

Finally, it is important to note that not all leaks are caused by roof damage. Water can enter a structure through air conditioning systems, walls, and exterior pipes. Just because a roof repair doesn’t work, doesn’t mean the work is faulty.

If a roof repair doesn’t work, you may need to explore other possibilities for the source of a leak.

Recap of the Best Roof Repair Tips
  1. Flat roof repairs are the least costly option and should always be considered first
  2. Like materials are recommended by the manufacturer
  3. Always follow the repair product’s guidelines to ensure proper roof repairs
  4. Roof Repairs aren’t full-proof; sometimes finding the entry point isn’t possible
  5. Sometimes it’s not the roof that’s leaking (Check the A/C units!)
What to Consider Before Making Repairs

The Best Roof Repairs for Commercial roofs are a great first option when done by a professional who uses the proper materials and follows the right installation methods. Just keep in mind that roofing repairs are sometimes not permanent fixes. Because a repair requires tying into an existing structure, new entry points for moisture can be created.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Buildings require maintenance, and a commercial roof is no different. If you maintain your roof, then a spot repair can be a great way to extend the life of your roof and save you the significant expenditure of replacement.

Furthermore, the best roof repairs can be done quickly, thus lessening the possibility of more permanent (and expensive) damage being done by waiting for a replacement.

Set your mind right and hire professional commercial roofing contractors like Parsons Roofing Company to do perform the best roof repair. Contact us today for a roof inspection.

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