Commercial Metal Roofing

Commercial metal roofing systems are a popular go-to choice for many commercial enterprises for many reasons.



Long Lasting

Metal roofing systems tend to be more expensive than other systems, however, they are the longest-lasting.


Weather Protective

Superior resistance to the elements and strong winds.



Long-lasting duration with NDL warranty options

Why A Commercial Metal Roof?

Although metal roofing systems tend to be more expensive than other systems, such as TPO, during initial installation, they are the longest-lasting roofing system option. This means that despite a larger initial investment for installation, these roofs are actually cost-efficient and save money in the long run because they very rarely need to be replaced and repairs are easy and low-cost.

Commercial Metal Roofing Panel Options


R-Panel - Durable And Affordable Roofing Option

  • This is a great choice for many clients because it tends to be a lower-cost option regarding materials and installation.
  • This commercial metal roofing option is less expensive than others because the materials come in sheets that are easily fastened to one another, cutting down on installation time and labor costs.


  • R-panel roofing is durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant, making it a great option for a commercial metal roofing system.
  • Less expensive with regard to installation costs but that still possesses the same advantages with regard to protection, durability, and easy maintenance.
  • This type of roofing system can also be retrofitted over existing shingle roofing systems, rather than requiring an entire roof removal and replacement for clients who wish to switch from shingles to metal.

AG Panel

  • This option is like r-panel roofing, in that the materials come in interlocking sheets that can be easily installed as well as retro-fitted over existing roofing systems.
  • These panels, however, have lower “ribs” or interlocking sections for a lower physical profile and a sleeker look.
  • The major difference between R-panel and AG panel roofing systems is a matter of personal preference for building style.

Standing Seam

  • Standing seam differs from both R-panel and AG panel systems because the through-fasteners that interlock the panels are concealed.
  • Standing seam roofing is thicker than R-panel or AG-panel metal roofing, and provides a different aesthetic look due to the concealment of fasteners and seamless look of the interlocking panels.

The Benefits Of Commercial Metal Roofing


Longest Life Span

  • Metal roofs have the longest useful service life, oftentimes lasting more than 50 years.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Additional curb appeal to your building.


Little Maintenance Required

Save on maintenance costs and keep your tenants happy.

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