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Commercial Roof Warranties

There are several different types of warranties that roofing contractors offer, but they all have significant differences in what they actually cover.

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Read our blog to learn helpful tips and suggestions on how to manage your commercial roofing project.

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Knew to commercial roof projects? Check out our frequently asked questions to know what to look for before starting your roofing project.

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At Parsons Roofing Company, we want our customers to feel empowered to make the best decisions for their commercial roofs. That’s why we provide the data and resources necessary to educate and inform our customers and partners.

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Commercial Roofing Glossary

View our Glossary to learn roofing terms commonly used throughout the roofing industry.

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What Is A Built-Up Roof System?

Built-Up Roof system or BUR system is a common built-up Commercial Roofing system provided by Parsons Roofing Company.


TPO Vs Silicone : Best For Commercial Roofs

As technology has advanced in the roofing industry, so has the variety of solutions for commercial roof repair and maintenance.


Ponding Water : #1 Best Solutions For Commercial Roofs

On many commercial flat roofs, water doesn’t properly drain off the roof. 

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Why Infrared Commercial Roof Inspection?

The age of technology has advanced business and effective problem-solving in a way that is best described as immeasurable.

Parsons-Roofing-Company-Resources-05-Why Would I Need Roof Walk Pads

Why Commercial Roof Walk Pads?

Your commercial roof will be a host of a number of added structures. HVAC units, for example, are common structures that require frequent maintenance and servicing.

Parsons Roofing Company Resources 06 TPO Or PVC Commercial Roof

TPO Or PVC Commercial Roof

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are two of the most common roof membranes.