Commercial Roof Services

We stand behind our work. We are roofers you can trust. All our services are warranty-based, so your investment in the roofing solution is secure.

Our Benefits


Perfect Execution

We do the job right the first time


Consultant Approach

We provide options that are in your best interest and make sense for your unique building


Meticulous Planning

Because the details are what make a great product

Our Commercial Roof Guarantee

Each member of our team is certified in installation and application by top manufacturers, including CarlisleHolcim Elevate, and Versico. We hold worker’s compensation and general liability insurance policies to guarantee the protection of your assets and capital throughout the roofing process. We prioritize safety on every project and have found that adherence to the industry’s best practices and guidelines yields higher-quality work.

Additional Commercial Roofing Options


Water Soaked?

  • Will a roof be water-soaked if it is leaking? The answer to this critical question is, not always. Roofs can leak through different penetrations and never soak the insulation. So, we offer moisture surveys that show the amount of saturation under the roof in our Commercial Roof Analysis to all building owners and managers looking at replacing their roofs. See how our infrared drone works!

How Much To Remove?

  • Does the roof have to be removed from the deck, or can just the top layer be torn off? Building Code states that all roofing layers must be torn off to the deck, with few exceptions. It’s vital to ensure the condition of the deck is in good condition. Visual inspection after the roof tear-off will confirm the structural integrity of the roof deck.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

  • Repairs can sometimes be made instead of a full roof replacement. Often, we can extend the life of a roof with repairs rather than having to replace the entire thing. A roof doesn’t need to be replaced just because there are multiple leaks. The best way to know for sure is to get a Commercial Roof Analysis. Our analysis will give you an estimated remaining life of the roof, as well as our repair recommendations.

Commercial Roofing Re-Cover

  • We always recommend a roof recover when a roof is not suitable for a coating, but can still support a second layer. The benefits of a roof recover are: cost-effectiveness, low disturbance relative to flat roof replacement, and long-lasting duration with NDL warranty options.

Commercial Roofing Restoration

  • An excellent low-cost option is restoring a roof with an elastomeric coating. Silicone coatings provide superior weather protection without having to penetrate the existing roof surface with thousands of fasteners.
  • They are backed with similar NDL warranties as membranes from top manufacturers such as Firestone. Silicone coatings are UV stable, energy-efficient, and are fully tax-deductible in the year. See more about roof restoration here!
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