Commercial Roofing Repairs

The truth is most roofs do not need to be replaced. Most of the time the life of the roof can be extended with targeted commercial roof repairs. Parsons Roofing relies on empirical evidence to provide repair options on every roof.



Save Money

Repair your roof while you still can


Avoid Replacements

If you let roof repairs go too long, you might have to replace your roof


Happy Tenants

Keep your tenants space free of leaks and less problems for you to manage

Why Invest In Commercial Roof Repairs?

We are able to provide effective options because we have better information than the typical roofing contractor. The traditional approach has been to scare building owners into replacing their roof immediately. Before you make a replacement decision, make sure you have all of the evidence. By leveraging modern technology, Parsons Roofing’s Free Roof Analysis Report will provide you with a clear picture of the true health of your roof.

The Benefits Of Commercial Roof Repairs


Repair If Possible

  • Building owners and property managers should collect the best information and make roofing decisions based on that evidence. At Parsons, we provide a Roof Grade A-F to the client along with evidence to support that finding. All roofs from Grade A through D are eligible for life-extending commercial roof repairs.

We Will Solve Your Leak

  • Parsons Roofing Company is dedicated to repairing your commercial roof and restoring it to its optimal functioning condition. We offer options that include leak-free warranties as well as annual preventative maintenance. We take all measures to repair a leak until we are successful.
Parsons Roofing Company Commercial Roofing Commercial Repairs Team

When To Seek Out A Commercial Roof Repair?

Your commercial roof in general consists of three components. The waterproofing layer, the insulation and the structural deck. Each of these items should be viewed as an asset to protect. Flat roof repair methods are preventative measures that help avoid high costs and bigger issues down the road. Taking a proactive approach to protecting these assets will result in the most economical use of your capital. Choosing a trusted commercial roofing contractor will ensure you get the maximum life out of your roof.

If your roof only needs minor repairs that are easily performed, a commercial roof repair is a better option than a roof replacement. Flat roofs that have good insulation and whose surface is in generally good condition are great candidates for repair work. Repairs will extend the life of your roof and are less costly than a complete re-cover or replacement.

Commercial Roofing Repairs Needed

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