Commercial Roofing Replacement

Leaks on commercial flat roofs often inspire fear of an immediate replacement in the hearts and minds of property owners.



Increase your asset value

Less expensive than a roof replacement


Improve energy efficiency

Save on power usage and save money



Long-lasting duration with NDL warranty options


Multiple Options

Several system options are available such as Modified Bitumen – TPO – PVC

Should we replace our commercial roof?

Luckily, commercial roof replacements aren’t always necessary. There are many viable measures available that are less costly than replacement. Therefore, it’s very important to determine if a roof must be replaced before deciding to do so!

Commercial Roofing Replacement Benefits


Core Samples

  • International Building Code allows for two roofing layers to be installed before a complete roof replacement is required. If a roof has two or more existing layers, it must be replaced. Core samples allow us to look at the current roof makeup and to determine what courses of action are appropriate.

Moisture Intrusion

  • Is the existing roof soaked underneath? According to the International Building Code, new roofs may not be recovered over water-soaked roofs. Thorough tests must be performed to determine whether or not water has entered underneath the roofing system.

Get our detailed report before getting a replacement.

We inspect every roof that we replace with an infrared scan and a moisture meter to determine if the roof is saturated. We believe that it is standard due diligence to provide building owners and managers with all information needed to make the right decision for their buildings.

Not all roofs need to be replaced. Some roofs can be re-covered or even coated with a silicone coating. Some roofs have multiple years of life left and only need preventative maintenance. Some roofs have to be replaced due to moisture intrusion even though other contractors have quoted for a roof re-cover. Our Roof Analysis covers all of these unknowns in a simple, informative format.

How to make the right roofing choice


Choose The Right System

  • There are a variety of options for commercial roof replacements because all roofs and customers’ needs vary. Likely, you will get several differing opinions from commercial roofers when it comes to recommendations for roof replacement options because there is a broad array of roofing materials and manufacturers available. This can make it very difficult to decide what is best for each situation. Do cutting-edge, energy-efficient products fit your needs? Or do you want more proven materials that have been in the marketplace for decades?

We Are Here To Help

  • Our job at Parsons Roofing Company is to help you decide what is best for you! To do that, we take pride in being able to give our customers as much information as possible. We do not have a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Therefore, we will not try to force a solution that is not in our customers’ best interests. The first step is to educate the consumer on what they are investing in. After presenting the building owner with all available information, we can help make the best decision for our clients’ needs.

Our Educating Process

  • As mentioned above, we pride ourselves in our efforts to educate our customers. This means that all available data must be provided. From infrared reports to moisture scans, we make sure that we provide building owners and managers with the best information available promptly.
    Additionally, we have lots of information available on our blogs that help potential customers learn how to make the best decision about their roof.

Our Roof Analysis

  • Our Roof Analysis is designed to help us make the best decision for a course of action based upon our customers’ needs. This includes on-site photos, drone photos, infrared reports, and a summary/recommendation of our findings. Why do we offer all of this information for free? We do this to help you understand our decision-making process. We want our customers to know why we are deciding on what course of action to take, and how it affects their buildings.

Commercial Roofing Replacement

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