Roof coating is a fantastic alternative solution to removing and replacing an entire roofing system. Even the most durable, high-quality roofs will eventually need replacement, but unfortunately many property owners undergo the expensive and time-consuming process of roof replacement before it’s necessary. When a roof has endured years of wear and tear and nears the end of its functionality and usability, the “shelf-life” of the roof can often be extended for years through a roof coating procedure. This can help property owners delay or even avoid the expense of full roof replacement. At Parsons, we pride ourselves on integrity and honesty- roof coating isn’t right for every project, and we will never recommend it if it’s not the best choice for you and your commercial property. However, we will also never sell a client on a total replacement when a less expensive roof coating option is viable. Every project is different, and we always take care to meet with our clients, assess their current roofing system, and apply our industry knowledge before making any recommendations for a roof coating process.


How Roof Coating Works

Roof coating works for existing roofing systems that have a flat, smooth or semi-smooth surface with no underlying water. Before recommending or applying a roof coating, our team of professionals will inspect and assess your current roof to determine whether or not this is the best option for you. When roof coating is a viable route, it can save property owners huge expenses, as a durable and long-lasting way to extend the life of a roof despite long-term wear and tear.

At Parsons Roofing, we use GACO roof coating products because of their superior quality. Our roofing specialists are all trained and certified in the application of GACO roof coats. Unfortunately, oftentimes roof coating is done in a subpar fashion with inferior results. This is not the case at Parsons- every single employee is experienced in roof coating and trained in the proper procedure and guidelines for using these materials. GACO roof coating also comes with a fifty-year material warranty, which we offer to our clients to ensure that their investment in roof coating always pays off and carries no risk. We also offer a manufacturer’s labor warranty for up to twenty years to guarantee that our clients will be satisfied with the quality of the project, and that any possible issues with the application are resolved at no cost to the client.

The Benefits

The major benefit of roof coating is that it is an extremely cost-effective way to get the most use out of an existing roof. Roof coating materials used by Parsons are completely, 100% UV resistant, and therefore do not deteriorate in the sunlight and can last for decades. The cost of application is much lower than that of roof replacement, making roof coating a sensible investment. Since no roof removal or replacement is required, the project is non-invasive and less expensive in terms of labor costs. Best of all, roof coating is considered a maintenance expense, and the entire cost- 100% of all expenses- for roof coating are tax deductible for the first year. Roof coating is an excellent option for preserving a roof at a lower cost than replacement, and the materials used in the process are extremely energy- and cost-efficient. If you are interested in roof coating, Parsons Roofing can help you to determine whether or not this is a good option for you and your commercial property.