6 Reasons Why Your Commercial Roof Still Has Leaks

6 Reasons Why Your Commercial Roof Still Has Leaks

July 6, 2023

One of the most common reasons our team is called out for consultation is because a recently repaired roof is still leaking. These situations most often involve previous repair work completed in an over paced and unprofessional manner. Here are the most common reasons that recently repaired roofs still have leak issues. Number six might surprise you!

Improper Diagnosis

The most common cause of a continued leak problem is the result of misdiagnosing the location(s) of the leak. An original misdiagnosis results in insufficient repairs that do not address the extent of the problem. Parsons Roofing employs the newest industry technologies which allow our team to assess leak locations correctly the first time around. Our processes save our customers time and money because of our experience and quality work ethic.

Because commercial roof leaks are difficult to identify, our team uses infrared scanning to locate internal areas that have been exposed to moisture accurately. By flying a drone equipped with an infrared camera, we can identify these wet areas through infrared scanning. This method is standard practice at Parsons Roofing Company, and it allows us to make accurate decisions regarding our suggested course of action.

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Improper Materials Were Used

In many cases, inexperienced crews contracted to repair roof leaks cut corners by using cheaper materials. Often, we see tar purchased from home improvement stores used on projects for which it is not a viable solution. Tar wears down quickly in the sunlight and rarely works for the long term. This method may save money upfront but ultimately costs the customer down the road when the same problem persists.

The Problem Is Not on The Roof

A proper inspection should consist of surveying all possible locations from which the leak could originate. These origins can include pipes above the ceiling, A/C lines, sprinkler systems, and even from exterior walls of the building. We are called out to inspect “roof leaks” quite often, however the real problem is not roof related.

Water Always Finds A Way

Sometimes, when a roof leak has been repaired, the specific area that was fixed will divert water away from it rather than allowing moisture to seep in. The water travels in a new direction and can exploit other problematic areas. The best way to solve this is to have a full roof inspection performed to determine all the possible leaking areas. If all problem areas are addressed, there will rarely be leaks after repair.

Settling of The Building

As buildings age, their foundation can shift. This movement is known as settling. As older buildings begin to settle, the movement causes previous repair work to open or crack. Though there is no practical measure to reduce the settling of a building, installing a roof maintenance plan can help identify these types of situations proactively.

Bullet Holes

It may sound crazy, but a common cause of roof leaks in buildings is the result of guns fired into the air! Though we cannot prevent that from happening, we have become well versed in repairing damage caused by desk pops, misfires, and unique forms of celebration. We’ve got the pictures to prove it!

The reality is that these types of causes are prevalent in the industry. The best option a customer has is to choose a company that will work diligently and efficiently to ensure they are receiving ultimate service standards. If you have experienced continuous issues with leaks, contact our team today for a roof analysis report. Our team of experts will provide you with fast, quality service that is backed by industry leading warranty protection.

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Contact Parsons Roofing Company today to request a roof inspection, as well as learn more about how you can repair your commercial roof leaks.

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