Elloree Re-Cover

In compliance with OSHA guidelines, a thorough set of safety measures were implemented for this roofing project. Safety lines were set up around the roof perimeter, and anchor points were strategically placed to secure harnesses near roof edges. To ensure a clean work surface, loose pea gravel was vacuumed using commercial equipment, and existing wall and curb flashing was removed down to the substrate.

The preparation for the new roof installation includes removing loose dirt and debris, followed by the attachment of 1 layer of 0.5″ EPS FanFold insulation boards to the metal roof deck (covering 125,600 SF). Additionally, 1 layer of 1” polyisocyanurate insulation boards were adhered to the tectum roof deck (covering 9,382 SF). The roofing membrane, 60mil Carlisle SureWeld TPO, was mechanically attached to the roof deck over insulation boards, covering both the metal and tectum roof areas.

Further installation details involve fully adhering the TPO to vertical surfaces using solvent-based bonding adhesive, providing TPO pipe boots for 99 pipes penetrating the roof surface, and installing pourable sealant pockets as required by the manufacturer (56 in total). TPO flashing strips were installed on all curbs, and penetrations, corners, and T-joints were flashed as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Seams between membranes were meticulously welded with a hot air welder and probe for accuracy.

The project includes the installation of 24GA steel slip metal underneath existing curb and wall flashing, TPO-coated drip edge at draining edges, and 24GA Kynar-coated steel gravel stop at non-draining edges. Additionally, new TPO-clad scuppers were installed (totaling 62).




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Elloree Re-Cover

Save with a Commercial Roofing Re-Cover

We always recommend a roof re-cover when a roof is not suitable for a commercial roof coating but can still support a second layer. We use the top roofing industry products with a long-lasting duration and NDL warranty options. Read more about the benefits of a roof re-cover.


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Commercial Re-Cover Projects

A few completed Re-Cover Portfolio projects by Parsons Roofing Company. We always recommend a roof re-cover when a roof is not suitable for a commercial roof coating but can still support a second layer. We use the top roofing industry products such as Versico Versiweld 60mil TPO with Long-lasting duration with NDL warranty options. Read more about the benefits of a roof re-cover.

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Commercial Roofing Re-Cover

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