Atlanta Replacement

The project initiates with the removal of the existing roof down to the structural concrete deck, accompanied by the replacement of coping metal. All debris was efficiently hauled away as part of the cleanup process. Moving to the structural elements, a vapor barrier was provided and adhered to the structural concrete deck using CAV Grip III primer.

To enhance insulation, two layers of 2″ polyisocyanurate was adhered over the vapor barrier in low rise foam adhesive, achieving an impressive R-value of 22.8. Additionally, a layer of 1/2″ HD polyiso cover board was adhered in low rise foam, contributing an R-value of 2.5.

The roofing system continues with the application of a 60mil APEEL TPO membrane over the HD polyiso. Vertical flashing locations were reinforced with the addition of 7/16″ OSB, and TPO was fully adhered to vertical surfaces using a solvent-based bonding adhesive. Parapet walls in designated roof areas were covered with extended TPO for added protection.

Various installations follow, including TPO pipe boots, pourable sealant pockets, TPO flashing strips on curbs, and walkpads reflecting existing conditions. Precision is ensured by flashing all penetrations, corners, and T-joints per manufacturer’s specifications, with seams between membranes being expertly welded using a hot air welder and probe.

The project concludes with the termination of the membrane at the drip edge metal, complemented by the installation of a pressure-sensitive cover tape in Roof Area 12. Shop-fabricated 24GA steel ES-1 rated coping metal was provided and installed, covering a length of 1,190 LF. Additionally, a 24GA steel drip edge was installed along the gutter line of the roof in Roof Area 12 (80 LF).




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Atlanta Replacement

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Leaks on commercial flat roofs often inspire fear of an immediate replacement in the hearts and minds of property owners. A roof replacement will always be the ideal roofing solution for the longevity of your commercial roof and included roof warranties that vary per manufacturer, such as those offered by Carlisle and John Manville.


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