Vero-Beach Shingle Replacement

The scope of work includes the removal and disposal of existing roof materials, installation of new synthetic felt underlayment, and starter strips at rakes and eaves. Additionally, new neoprene soil vent boots and neoprene washer screws will be installed on all penetrations. The project also involves installing new ice and water shield in all valleys, aluminum 3×2 T-style drip edge (color-matched to fascia), and re-flashing existing off-peak vents. New step flashing will be installed at all walls as needed, and new GAF, IKO, or CertainTeed shingles will be applied per the manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions. All OSHA safety standards for fall protection was implemented through safety consultants (STC) and Parsons Roofing. A five-year labor warranty and re-nail existing decking was provided.





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Vero-Beach Shingle Replacement

Shingle Replacement Projects

A few completed Replacement Portfolio projects by Parsons Roofing Company.

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Shingle Replacements

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